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The CMEIS takes an active role for developing the next generation of experts and specialists of Middle Eastern and Islamic studies. Students and young researchers who are engaged in and have special interest in the Middle Eastern and Islamic studies in each college and graduate school of Ritsumeikan University and APU can pursue their own studies and research by joining the staff’s research and educational activities.


Undergraduate and graduate students are basically supposed to belong to one of the colleges or graduate schools where the CMEIS staffs working at, and to receive education respectively. However, the CMEIS promotes comprehensive understanding of the Middle East and Islam among undergraduates and graduate students by serving as a hub that links seminars and laboratories of each faculty and graduate school. Undergraduate and graduate students not only touch on cutting-edge Middle Eastern and Islamic studies through participation in various research projects and events by the staffs, but also gain opportunities for intellectual exchange beyond the differences of the colleges, grades, years and so on.


The CMEIS has a ‘seamless’ young-researcher-development vision that includes four years of undergraduate studies, five years of researches at the graduate school (two-year master and three-year doctoral), and career design and employment support after obtaining a doctoral degree. Let’s join us!



Ph. D. Candidate ウェルズ桜



Ph. D. Candidate 米田優作



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