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The CMEIS is to promote: (1) “social cooperation”, (2) “cooperation with the business and industry communities,” (3) “academic network expansions,” (4) “next-generation researchers and experts developments.”


(1) The “social cooperation” is to disseminate reliable knowledge about the Middle East and Islam, which is still far away from Europe and America and Asia, to society through various events and publications. We will promote proper understandings of the Middle East and Islam in Japan in light of the rapid increase in international tourists, labors, and students.


(2) The “collaboration with the business and industry communities” not only contributes to the promotion of appropriate responses to the rapidly increasing number of Muslim visitors to Japan, but also to foster active advancement overseas of Japanese firms by giving them advice on the local security situation and customs in the Middle Eastern and Islamic countries. We are to provide of “re-learning” opportunities for working students with local experience in those countries. The CMEIS aims to become an “intelligible window” for Japanese firms seeking reliable knowledge as a group of staff engaged in the Middle Eastern and Islamic studies at Ritsumeikan University.


(3) The “academic network expansions” will fulfill the academic purpose of further development of Middle Eastern and Islamic studies by deepening mutual exchange not only in Japan but also with overseas universities and research institutions.


(4) The “next-generation researchers and experts developments” aims to produce experts and specialists of the Middle Eastern and Islamic studies by pursuing mutual exchange among undergraduate and graduate students who are currently studying at various colleges of Ritsumeikan University and APU.

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