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「中東・イスラーム研究センター(Center for Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies、CMEIS〔シーメイス〕)」は、立命館大学の総合私立大学としての強みを最大限に活かし、多様な学問的背景を持ったスタッフの力を結集することで、学際性を特長とする総合的な中東・イスラーム研究を推進していくことを目指します。そして、最先端の研究の追求を通して、中東・イスラームに関する総合的な知を備えた次世代の研究者・専門家の育成に取り組みます。

Amidst the great significance of the Middle East in today's international politics and the increasing presence of Islam in the international community, academic and social attention, as well as expectations, for Middle Eastern and Islamic studies are increasing all over the world. In addition, the Middle East and Islam are being focused on as case studies in existing academic disciplines, and there is a wealth of knowledge to understand them in various fields such as political science, sociology, history, anthropology, and philosophy.


The Center for Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies (CMEIS) aims to promote comprehensive Middle Eastern and Islamic research that features interdisciplinary characteristics, with taking a Ritsumeikan's advantage as being a large-scale private university embracing a number of academics with diverse academic backgrounds. Through pursuing cutting-edge research, we will work to develop the next generation of researchers and experts with comprehensive knowledge of the Middle East and Islam.

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